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The Shop.....

Glassblowing is an art unlike any other.  Sculpting moving molten objects provides great physical and mental challenges difficult to find within any other artistic expression.

The art of manipulating glass is usually difficult for a beginning artist to experiment with.  Depending on the type of glass work it can be dangerous, expensive, and nearly impossible to find someone to teach you.  Our shop has everything you would need to get started safely and affordably.

Glassblowing is an ancient art with continuous new beginnings. Glass has been worked artistically for thousands of years but new technology and creations are always broadening the already limitless world of glass.

Ryan C. Adams...

Studying with any glass workers willing to share, Ryan has had the opportunity to work glass in a variety of ways.  Ryan's knowledge of this material artistically as well as scientifically allows him to approach this limitless art with a very broad understanding.

Ryan's love for the art grew to the next level in 2008 when he decided to open The Burnt Knuckle.  His idea was to create place where he could develop artistically while introducing others to the art as well.